Monday, August 14, 2017

Yesterday we spent the day soaking in a bit of Mexican culture.  We started with Mass at the little chapel run by Esperanza's good friend Fr. Jaime.   He welcomed us warmly and gave a one minute synopsis of his homily in English.  He talked about how Christ extended the hand of tenderness to Peter caught in a stormy sea and saved him.   He said, we here at Esperanza, do the same things.  We extend the hand of mercy and save many from the storms of a live in poverty.

We returned to the Posada, relaxed,  Many of us are still catching up on our sleep from the time change, and then headed to Puerto Nuevo, for a bit of shopping and exploring this little fishing village.  We were delayed because of the annual bike rally, which attracts thousands, yes thousands of motorcyclists, but once in the village, we enjoyed fish tacos and other goodies.   Some of the group headed to the cultural center and others back to the Posada. 

We had a great dinner of chicken, potatoes, and salad, with a cake to celebrate Fr. Ted's 40th Anniversary of 1st Vows.  It was a grand celebration.

We now wait for "Eduardo" the head technician to join us for an orientation and then off to the work site.  It is now 6:45 AM here and people are beginning to move.

Morning prayer today says:  Happy are those who dwell in the house of the they pass through the Bitter Valley, they will make it a place of springs." (Ps 84)  We hope that our presence will make some the burden of life a bit lighter.   Off to the work site!

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