Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Digging, Blocks and Baseball

After a morning orientation with our Esperanza representative, Eduardo,  we were split into two groups and headed to our work sites.   I will have to get a report from the other group but I do know that both groups did digging and setting of blocks for the foundation.  Yesterday was particularly hot. Much warmer than usual, but with plenty of water breaks we all survived.  We were greeted by the family receiving the house.  Presently they are living in something most of us would not store our lawn more in, but for them, it protected them wind, heat, cold and rain.   In about one month they will have a much larger brick home.   The family of a little boy and mom and dad will now be safe from the elements.

It was a long day.   We rushed home because we were had a chance to go the baseball playoffs, we cleaned up and headed to Toros Stadium to watch them win 6 to 3.  Mexican baseball is a very different experience where these as much entertainment going on in the stands as there is on the field.
Although tired, everyone had a great time.     We are finishing breakfast and heading off to more work today.   Thankfully it is cloudy and a bit misty today which should make work easier.

Here are some highlights'

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