Friday, August 18, 2017

Fish Tacos, More Cement and Orphans

Lunch in Puerto Nuevo  (photo Samantha Delabruere)
Roof Preparation (Photo by Christie Cardinale)
Another bright and beautiful day greeted us yesterday.  After breakfast, we packed up the vans and headed to our work sites.   Again a large group went to Puerto Nuevo and another more inland.   Both groups picked up from where they left off.   Puerto Nuevo continued putting up a foundation and cementing it in, and the in-land group continued roof preparations.

Today we all go inland to pour the roof.  I was lucky enough to be at the Puerto Nuevo site which had wonderful sea breezes all day. The whole local community gathered to help, and by 3 PM we were finished and headed back to the Posada.   Everyone was tired but happy.

We arrived back to the Posada showered up and could either go to the orphanage or hang out.  There were only 11 girls at the Orphanage this week because many are at camp before school starts next week.   Christie Cardinale brought pictures from six years ago.   Sadly she met a girl she met six years ago who has not been adopted but the little girl was excited to think someone remembered six years later.

Today we bring to a close our week here in Tijuana.  Our memories will be as bright and warm as the sun that blazed above us.   Here are some pictures taken by Dick Crawford from Montana, part of the "East-West"  team.  We thank Dick for letting us use his picture.

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