Friday, May 30, 2014

Work Hard..Play Harder

Thursday was our fourth day on the work site.  It is os amazing how we started from the bottom and we have what you see here.
The Team standing on what will be the new floor.
We finally see change and improvement with the foundation completed. Melly and Luis (Mother and son who will get the house) seem to get more excited each day: which makes us feel so great and pumped to work even harder.  We look forward to working hard, pouring the floor on Friday.

Later in the afternoon the Pioneers from LIU Post and the Pioneers from Providence High School in California had night out on th the town to watch a baseball game.  We happily cheered the  Tijuana Toros.  Our excitement went over the roof with: trying to catchy t-shirts from the mascots, Stanley Edmund dancing in front of the whole stadium (and on the large screen)  loud noise makers and great music, all with good friends.
Christina and this boy  both dived for this shirt.  The boy won,
but Christina was a good sport about it.

Rebecca, Amanda, Oda and Silje on the big screen.

Tijuana it is bittersweet that we only have a day left.  This is a great city-the people of Tijuana have our hearts.

-Con Carino  Lisette Millan and Nadia Hernandez

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