Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bright Sun, Hard Work and Children's Smiles.

Tuesday began with Tijuana’s bright desert sun shining upon our backs while we mixed cement and put up a 6 foot wall. Unlike yesterday where we finished digging a foundation, today was a bit more exciting for me. Watching the looks on the faces of all the first timers on the trip as we put up the walls as if they were play with LEGO. It was great to see how much we’ve accomplished in just 2 days of being here and working together as a team.
The Walls Go Up!

Although the Sun was a little out of control which is unusual for this time of year (usually it’s cloudy all morning) most of us got a tan I think that will last us the entire summer. Watching everyone work together as one, along with members  of the community helping to build this new home for this family is truly admirable to me. I also admire the fact that language is not a barrier, although the families do not speak English through there smiles, laughter and hospitality, we knew of their true concern for us.

Covered with cement but still have a great spirit!
After a full day of mixing cement and building a wall we visited an orphanage run by the Sisters of Sacred Heart right here in Tijuana. This was my fourth time visiting this orphanage and I must say every year the visit gets a lot more emotional because of the fact that year after year when I walk in the orphanage the girls actually remember me. Although I only get to see them once a year I got to see some grew from little girls to now high school students. It’s sad to see how throughout these years no one has cared to adopt these girls and probably won’t. But year after year I am always impressed how great the Sisters take care of these girls and how smart the girls are. Very often this visit to the orphanage is the highlight to the week and many of us do not want to leave nor don’t the children want us to go.
Doesn’t get any better than this, building a home for a family in need and putting smiles on the faces of children! Today was a good day.

                                       -Miguel Montalvo

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