Sunday, June 1, 2014

Bucket Scrapes, Cement Burns and Burning Hearts of Love.

The retaining wall and foundation completed.
Friday was our last day on the work site.  It was true when Fr. Ted said 'these next few days will fly by."  Providence  High School students from Burbank, CA, joined us making today a memorable day.  We all worked extra hard to finalize the last step before the concrete floor could be poured.  It was such an amazing experience where we started  on Monday with just digging a trench, to building up a nine foot high retaining walls, laying a brick foundation and now seeing first hand what we did as a team.  We helped make a family's dream come true.  Helping that dream come true made this mission trip worth it!

Melly, on the right in white, thank Miguel and Stanley.
Melly, (the mother of the family) and her family welcomed us with open hearts on the day we arrived and worked with us with giving arms.  They embraced us with smiles and and hugs.  All of us became part of her reality, a home to call her own.  As we said our farewells, emotions  were conveyed and Melly expressed to us how she hoped to expand her family because of her having  own  sturdy, safe home.

It truly amazes me year after year how Esperanza International does such wonderful job to create sustainable communities.   I can say I return for the uneven tan lines, the cement burns, or the brick scratches, but in the reality I've returned eight times in the past seven years because of a piece of my heart stays with the people, the cause and the 'fundacion.'  We can't forget to thank Eduardo, Roberto, and Rigo (engineers) for permitting us to work along side them.  Esperanza is a beautiful organization and I take with me more than words can express.

I've learned that the Holy Spirit is renewing the face of earth, sometimes 240 square feet, at a time, and for that I am ever grateful.

With faith and unity all things are possible.

Con mucho carino,

Aida Vera and Paolo Mancuso
Melly's Son, a friend and Miguel play with race toys we

2014 Builders of Hope!  Job Well Done!

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