Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So Close Yet So Far: By Michelin Janvier

 Today we went to the home of Senora Paz, whose home we built ten years ago. Her delightful husband Don Jose died five years ago. Her children are now moving back to be with her and now a larger space is needed for her home.  After a hard day of work and all of us covered in cement dust, Eduardo drove us to the Mexican border. Seeing the border for the first time and how the United States was within sight, I remember the chilling story my mom told me when she crossed this very Tijuana  border into the United States in 1980. She crossed with my sister who was eight years old at that time and my godfather who was 13 years old. She said it was a scary experience because the dessert was so hot, they only had one gallon of water and the paranoia of getting caught by border patrol was unbearable. I cried when she told me at one point that she was so tired of walking and disoriented from the heat that she told my sister and godfather to leave her behind and to keep walking. Looking at the border made me realize that I would not have been a Miami native if it was not for my mom's long journey for a better life and future. The thought that she could of died among the countless that continue to die in their attempt for a better life brings chills down my spine. We all read political messages, quotes from poets, and various opinions of Mexicans expressing their anger about a long 12 foot high wall that continue to cost the lives of many. One quote said "we should build more bridges and less walls". I think that each and one of us in this life changing trip carry that bridge of hope that things can change for the better without leaving your beautiful country where ever it may be. For my mom it was leaving Nicaragua, for Mexicans, it was leaving their beautiful Mexico. God bless all those who carry that courage to bring change and inspire others though their actions like Esperanza. Thank you.

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