Friday, May 18, 2012

Builders of Hope: LIU Post Newman Trip 2012

On May 27th 2012 The Newman Catholic Community descends on Tijuana Mexico for it's 11th trip. We head out 10 strong! We hope you will follow us while we are there. Our hope is to post every day. Time can be tight and so we may video blog a bit. While there we will dig, mix cement, lay bricks, and pour cement. More importantly, we will live with our friends from across the border and enjoy their wonderful hospitality. We learn about them and they will learn about us. Although we will be building a house for them with bricks we hope to take down the walls that exist between peoples. Follow our day to day routine and the extraordinary events that will happen. There is always a miracle with Esperanza!


  1. Looking forward to reading all about your experiences and, Nana Koch