Sunday, May 27, 2012

LIU Post Newman Arrives in Sunny Tijuana

Finally the long waited trip to Mexico had started. Most of us leaving in the early hours of day arrived to San Diego about noon. When the group had gotten together, we headed towards Mexico traveling by local bus and train, and in the end crossing the border by walking. Weather was sunny and warm.
After getting to the Mexico side, some of the group members who had arrived earlier, came to pick the rest of the gang to Tijuana. When getting to our Posada, we got first introduced to the volunteer director Eduardo and had a nice bilingual discussion within the whole group. Rooms were assigned and it was time to settle down. Before the dinner we had a nice short mass and prayed the Holy Spirit to join us. Dinner was a 10-minute walk away a very tasteful Taco-restaurant. After that it was nice to just relax and share everyone's first feelings about the just started trip.


  1. Everything related to your trip is going fine till now. Hope you'll enjoy trip to this beautiful country. Carry on and enjoy more.
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  2. looks like you have a great group(many of who(whom?) i know)who will do wonderful things! Work hard while enjoying the Mexican Sunshine and the satisfaction of making a difference!