Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sun and Soccer!!!!!

All and all today was a great day. We started the morning soaking up some sun at the posada. When we got to the work site, we had the task of making cement and finishing up the wall. The most fun part of the day came when a soccer ball appeared out of the dust. FIFA has got nothing on us---our team consisted of Mexicans, Americans, Japanese, Korean, Haitian, Burmese.

We spent the day working with a great family in an amazingly supportive community.

When we returned to the posada, we had exactly ten minutes to get ready for Casa Del Migrantes-a facility for migrants (mostly deportees from the US). Since we are limited to one minute to shower anyway, we had nine minutes to prepare. Off we went through Tijuana passing densely packed houses, in conditions that most Americans might not consider livable. We learned part of the reason for this at Casa Del Migrantes. Father Luis, the director, explained that thousands of Mexicans, and South Americans flood Tijuana everyday hoping to cross the border into the US. When they find they cannot, they are left to make their way here in Tijuana. At the house, we heard many sad stories of fathers torn apart from their families in the US because they were illegal immigrants and they were deported back to Mexico—a stark contrast to the tight knit community we met earlier today.

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