Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve with Esperanza

I spent last night in mexico..what fun. We went to one of the families whose home is being built. The whole neighorhood was there. I think we are going there to work this week.

The place was thick with kids. The group that was just finishing their week had a priest with them. He already knew the kids and so I had instant credibility. Our first task was to walk to the store to buy fire works with them. Then the fun began. Nothing like being surrounded by 9 year old boys with fire crackers. A few bottle rockets later and the clear night sky was bright with color. Car alarms would go off as the explosions happened.

The house being built had a floor and only partials walls. It became our dance hall. We ate wonderful Mexican food. I was driving so I had to fight off the "Padre..Tequila" chant and managed to get us all back safely. (Since I had the vehicle I did drive to the store for replenishment of the Mexican delight.)

It was a very cold night for this part of Mexico and so a nice fire was lit. Great way for 9 year olds to light fire works. As people left the 'dance floor' they would come over to chat, laugh, scold the boys (but never stopping them,) and of course get warm.

My camera ran out of battery and only got a few pictures but I will post some pictures later. One of the most fun New Year Eve's I've had in a long time.

I'm back in the States now, and will pick up our crew tomorrow. Pray for us. Pray that it gets warmer...the night was very cold!!!

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