Friday, July 3, 2009

Leaving on jet plane

After postponements and the ups and downs of rescheduling, a hearty bunch of us are heading out to Mexico this weekend to do some housebuilding in Tijuana. We are excited knowing that we are there for these good people when they are really hurting. The economy is bad here in the States but it is having an devastating effect in Mexico and the charitable organizations that try to help.

Esperanza is down 60% in the number of groups and funding. We are happy to do our part. I hope to post some pictures here daily. Their internet connection is pretty good so it should work well.
This year's Builders of Hope are:

Fr. Ted Brown
Jeanette Murray
Mary Ann Damato
Aida Vera
Kimber Johnson
Veronica Mirenda
Danielle Hindieh

We are sharing the experience with the Seattle group that showed us the ropes so many years ago. It will be good to reconnect with them.

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