Friday, July 10, 2009

Internet has been down.

Our internet has been down for the past day or so. Here are pictures of the past couple of days.
Alum Raymond Zhao joined us last night for our final day. After 4 days of digging we finally built part of a retaining wall and poured the cement to hold it fast. The family was grateful, knowing that in about 1 month they will have a new home that will not flood when the rains come. More to come on our experience.

Here is a synopsis. On Wednesday night we went to Casa del la Migrante, which gives people who have been deported back to Mexico a place to stay, food and help while they make their future plans. We met some people who only spoke English because they came to the United States as children and never learned Spanish. They are now in a country they do not know, have no family and have to make their way.

After a day of work on Thursday we went to an orphanage run by these wonderful sisters. We were impressed with how wonderful the place was. The girls seemed very happy. Even after they are 18 they can stay on until they figure out what they will do with their lives. Very humane.

Today we finished our evening with a wonderful meal the Ana Mar restaurant just south of La Gloria. It has been great here. We saw no violence, we always felt safe and did not experience any panic about the flu. It has been great.

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