Monday, August 8, 2016

Pilgrims of Hope

We arrived safely on Saturday, and as we got to the Posada, the skies cleared.  The place where we stay (The Posada) is beautiful.  It is a very comfortable volunteer center.  We met the rest of the members of what is called the "East-West" team.  There are 18 people in total.  Seven are with us, and 8 from the Seattle area and 3 from Montana.  The group is warm, friendly and full of fun.  Although not explicitly Catholic, all members have come before with other Catholic groups.  We have gelled quickly.  

Sunday we went to Mass at the local parish (in Spanish of course) but Father Jaime welcomed us graciously.  We wanted around the flea market, grabbed  bite to eat and then headed out to Puerto Nuevo which is a beautiful little fishing village.  We did some shopping and managed to get out before 2000 (yes 2000) motor cycles arrived.   We came back had a great pasta dinner, cooked by our own Grant Haley.    Evening went and morning came, the first day.  We hit the beds and were ready for our first day of work.  More to come on that.

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