Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trenches, Soccer and Kids!

Yesterday, Tuesday, was another busy and successful day in Mexico.  Everyone woke up, had breakfast  and headed out to Rosarito where we finally met Norma, (she was working on Monday) and her family, who will live in the house once finished.  They are a loving, funny, smart and gracious.  They were more than ready to help us, working with the wheel barrel and lifting buckets of dirt from the foundation trenches we are digging.   Norma had invited some of the neighbors to help and thus we experienced a sense of true community.

After working all day in the sun, we headed back to the Posada and cleaned up to to St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Orphanage run by the Sister's of the Sacred Heart.  We enjoyed pizza with the girls and met the sisters.  The girls were very welcoming  and enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed theirs.
Before the pizza a serious game of soccer broke out and it was quite a battle.

The teen girls enjoyed showing their skills against the us, the visiting team.
 We headed in for the pizza and the girls offered a 'rap' style grace and the pizza was served.

A language barrier came down easily  because hand games , smiles and lots of laughs  too the place of spoken words.  As we said our good-byes  the girls sang for us.  One song that touched us was John Lennon's Imagine; leaving us  with a message  that world can be a place filled peace and love.

Saludos (greetings)

Aida Vera and Christopher Silva

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